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Hi, the team of Locksmith Flatlands welcomes you with all their hearts to this incredible website. We wish you to spend some time here to help you understand who we are and what we do. To answer the questions simply, we are a team of lock and security enthusiasts who aim to make sure that all your lock and security troubles are resolved in the way that suits you the best. Yes, we focus on deriving solutions that suits your long term needs, budget and time. There is o lock that our team can’t open or has already opened yet. We have been in the business since years and we know how to open a lock from the outside even if someone is locked inside a house or any other property or even a vehicle like car, truck, van, etc.

Our team is qualified, bonded, licensed and regularly checked by the local police because we know that such practices will keep our house clean and it will also help you to trust us in a better manner. We will also make sure that you and your loved ones remain safe at all times by doing a free security audit of your place. We work for offices also and there is no one better than us to secure your commercial property. We understand and can help you understand that the security needs of a house and an office can be very different. You may need a master key for an office but having one for a small house would seem worthless unless you don’t trust someone who lives in your house.

We are also very conversant with technology can we can prove that by installing any high tech system you may have already bought. Flatlands Locksmith can also help you to buy a system by using our own procurement channels that are very reliable and only offer best quality products. We can also help you to buy a security system that rare or not being launched in the USA yet because we have international contacts as well. We will also make sure that the system or any other stuff you buy through us like a deadbolt comes with a warranty so that you never feel that you are being cheated.

Even when we use any part on the work you want us to do like we duplicate any vehicle key for you, we can assure you that it will be made just as per your requirement and never give you trouble. What’s more is that we can offer guarantee on all our services as well. Once we have done a job for you like installed a bunch of surveillance cameras, we will see to it that they function properly. If they are not working properly and the guarantee period is left, we will fix them for free.

Every member of our team also recognizes the value of good moral conduct. They will never threaten your children or women but will work with their heads down. They do not have a criminal record and they always make sure to make your loved ones feel safe. They can also work in isolation and would never be demanding. They will just talk less and work more. They will also be polite at all timed and would never misbehave as Flatlands Locksmith team has no place for ill mannered people. So if you have to go to the office for an hour when we are at your home working on its security then you can trust Locksmith Flatlands to not harm your wife or children.

The services we specialize in include but are not limited to installing a new security system or repairing an old one, installing a new lock or a number of them or fixing them, opening a lock, rekeying a lock, installing surveillance cameras or fixing them, installing or repairing deadbolts, installing or repairing safe locks, installing or repairing mailbox locks, creating master keys, vehicle keys and transponder keys.

If we have left any service then please pardon the mistake and just Call to Locksmith Flatlands NY. We will connect you directly to the experts who will not only tell you whether we provide a particular service or not, they will even give you a free estimate if and when you choose to hire us. Seems good? Prove it by getting in touch. We can assure you that you will never regret it as we will not only provide you services worth your money but our Flatlands locksmith and security services would also have some amazing add on features.